Website Embeds

We have an easy system to embed content on any webpage that will fit in. It even supports dark mode automatically.

Loading a users feed

<iframe frameborder="0" style="width:100%;max-width:680px;margin:0px auto;overflow:hidden;background:transparent;display:block;opacity: 0;" onload="this.style.opacity = 1;" sandbox="allow-forms allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts" src="https://hey.cafe/embed/profile_feed/stifflered" id="heycafe_profile_feed"></iframe>
<script>{ let hey_framename="heycafe_profile_feed"; let hey_iframe = document.querySelector("#" + hey_framename); window.addEventListener('message', function(e){ if (e.source == hey_iframe.contentWindow){ if (e.origin.includes("hey.cafe")){ let hey_message = e.data; hey_iframe.style.height = hey_message.height + 'px'; hey_offset=document.documentElement.scrollTop-hey_iframe.offsetTop; if (hey_offset<=0){ hey_offset=0; } let hey_response = { type: "embed_position", value: hey_offset }; e.source.postMessage(hey_response, e.origin); }}} , false); }</script>

As you can see the format is really simple the URLS in the iframe is what matters, you can embed different types of content by changing this value.


If you have more than one embed on a page give each iframe a unique ID. If you use the website embed maker inside hey.cafe it will do this for you. If you change the iframe ID make sure you update it inside the script by updating let hey_framename="heycafe_profile_feed";.

Current embed urls

Here are the current types and url formats for the embed.

User profile header


User feed


User feed (pinned conversations only)


Café feed


Café feed (pinned conversations only)




Conversation (full with all comments)